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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Creativity --Dr. Vidwans

Creativity means

Novelty - Originality- Uniqueness

Novelty --- Something new
Originality--- Not copied or inspired
Uniqueness --- One and the only one

Innovation can be considered as incremental design to existing design.

Creativity Word Mapping:

Think....Beyond....Explorations....Random....Ideas....Innovations....Dreams....Freedom...Humour ....Lateral....Seamless....Insight....Imagination....Element of surprize....Magic....Mystery....Twist....Double twist.....

Think of least likely solution....beyond the given task.

generating as many options as interesting blend of all your insights...

Lateral thinking should be used in combination with Vertical thinking...

Lateral thinking for generating ideas
Vertical thinking for executing or implementing idea

Challenge your assumptions...
Be conscious of its need dont be apprehensive

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Media Studies- Milindo Taid

Session 1.


Lecture thghts

Is communication only a human activity?
All living things actively communicate

Miscommunication as a major problem

Strong Orators reach higher easily

Human existense in groups ,tribes

Characteristics of Media

a. System of human communication
b. Utilization of Industrial processes to produce media and its material
c. Reach out large groups of people
d. Dependent on mass production
e. Reach out across distances and spaces or time
f. Define and governed by profit motives

Industrial Revolution
-- How it has gone wrong and its effects on presnt day generation
--Extiction of human species
--Acceptance of technology considering context
--global village
--how global village is related to death of distance and not about thought processes

Historical Devlopments
-- Industrial Rev
--Post Industrial Rev
--Information Age

Media defined: Systems of human communication economically attached and privately or publically owned which seems to diseminate information across large no. of people

Combined Thought Bubble on the topic

Communication,message,Way/Thing of comm.,Using senses ,Means, telivision, medium, art of comm, storage, informative, education, platform, power expression, channels, masses.

Books& People
ManWatching--Desmond Morris

Made in Japan--- Akhio Morita(Sony)

Victor Paprika


Where did westerners get their culture from?
How much of me exists after removing influences ?

Session 2.


Peter Mark Rogers-- thesauraus
William Talbert--reduced exposure time of photographs
Joules Murray
-- series photographs with single instrument
--Used a photograph taking GUN..hence terms like shooting
George Eastman
--Mass production of celluloid

Thomas Edison
--edison labs
---First motion picture labs to accompany gramaphone
viewing device
--Called Kinetoscope

Early filmmakers:

Lumiere Bros
--Fathers of cinema
--August Lumiere
--Projector come camera called Cinematograph

James Williams
George Smith

Session 3.


--"Media" --Latin means the middle
--"Avante Garde"
--Chalk Talk
--Effects research
--False consciosness


--Ed Potter..travelling projectionist
--James Blankton
--Winsor Mccay
--Claude Levi Strauss
--"One dimensional man"-- frankfort school--birthplace of media studies
--Harrold dennis--teacher of mcluhan
--Walter Ong

Session 4.


Role of gender bias in india
Who owns media?
Does media choose what to show us? or do we choose what to see?
Switch of an art material of the lower class to the higher class changes value of the same thing

Media effects during change and crisis

Design for for devlopment not just for a elite class

Inequality in nation

Why dominated groups dont revolt?

Hegemony--The provision of alliance where power of the dominant class is made to be natural and legitimate.

Edward saeed

Necessary Illusions--Noam Chompsky



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ranjans Notes

Books & URL

"General Systems Theory- Bertalanffy"
"Beer System Model- Stafford Beer"
"The Design Way..."
"Platform for change"
"Rotman school of management"


Daniel Thalmann -- Swiss CG Expert
Richard Florida--socialist defining creative
Charles Owen-- Prof of Illinois Inst of Tech, chicago
Stafford Beer- Platform for change
Claude Levi-Strauss French anthropologist
Johannes Itten
CK Prahlad
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi---noted for his work in the study of happiness, creativity
John Thakara---DOTT07


Inploration - Act of introspection or inward journey for purpose of design
Specialist v/s Genralist
Design is not for the industry its for the


Know the real to abstract it and define it in


Cause and effect needs to be challenged

Recognition of patterns and expressing those patterns


Design is about Reality. It needs to awaken basic sense of


Access a book when you are ready not when the book is


Does meta understanding require the individual to be a

part of the system or be outside it?
MPR:The individual has to be a part of it as well as has to look at

the system as a whole in an unbiased way.

Science is true until proven wrong

Design deals with the particular

You can never make a great design it depends on the